Photography is about seeing more. Whether that’s seeing the story you’re trying to tell or being able to pick out those little details that most people overlook. Well, it’s that ‘seeing’ that kicked off this passion for photography.

As I was building this site, I revisited my old work. Thousands of memories, places, people, buildings, holidays, all captured and saved on an old hard drive. It was actually pretty emotional going through them all, if I’m honest! It’s funny, isn’t it, what a photo can do? In a split second, it can transport you to another place, another time. Unlocking experiences, sounds and smells you’ve probably given no thought to in years.

Why wouldn’t you get passionate over something like that?

From my first camera, a Fujifilm Finepix back in Sixth Form College, to the Sony A7III I use now, I don’t remember ever being without something to shoot on.

I should have steered my career towards taking photos for a living back then. But, well, when you’re a teenager faced with the big bad world, with no contacts or know how, it somehow seemed like an impossible dream.

But that’s the past. Years later and I’ve been lucky enough to have worked as a professional photographer with amazing people and companies across a whole range of industries. I’ve also travelled which opened my eyes to what it means to be truly happy.

So here I am, taking that passion and making it my career. Because I was once told that when you do something you love, you do amazing things.